Land under management, ha
  • 3000
  • 10000
  • 50000
Lutsk Lviv Ternopil Rivne Zhytomir Vinnytsia Cherkasy Poltava Kharkiv Sumy Chernihiv Dnipropetrovsk Zaporizhzhia Donetsk Luhansk Simferopol Kherson Mykolaiv Odesa Kirovohrad Khmelnytsk Chernivtsi Ivano-Frankivsk Uzhgorod Kyiv

Group’s land portfolio covers 22 Ukrainian provinces with most of the land being highly productive black soil. Total area under management is more then 500 thousand hectares. The Ukrlandfarming Group ranks among the top-ten cropland operators in the world and holds the largest stock of arable land in Ukraine.

Group’s farming land covers three climate zones (forest, wooded prairies, and prairies), which allows for higher efficiency when using agricultural equipment and mitigating weather risks.

The group’s land portfolio is divided into twelve working clusters based on geography, proximity to key infrastructure facilities, and the need to maintain a manageable size for the clusters.