Social policy

Ukrlandfarming aims to motivate its employees by promoting good health, ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions, and improving corporate culture and employee commitment.

The social policy of Ukrlandfarming is based on the following principles:

  • complying with current labor laws;
  • ensuring adequate and competitive compensation levels;
  • developing the management potential of the employees;
  • providing social support for the employees;
  • creating safe working conditions and protecting the health of all employees

Conscious of its corporate social responsibility as one of the nation’s largest employers, Ukrlandfarming invests in developing its personnel by creating opportunities for employees to direct their own training and advancement. For instance, the Group’s specialists and managers are trained at the Corporate University, which is the central facility managing the knowledge system across Ukrlandfarming companies.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle among its employees, Ukrlandfarming holds sports and health improvement events, examples of which in 2013 included the corporate mini-football championship among the regional offices, the Hoverla mountain climb by company employees, and participation in the charitable Chestnut Tree Alley Run in Kyiv.