Core corporate competences

  • Inclusion, loyalty, satisfaction
    We are happy to work for the company and we intend to continue, as dedicated members of the team to meet all the challenges lying ahead. We speak positively about the company when talking to our friends, we share and abide by its values, norms and policies. We work to promote the success of our company and engage partners to implement joint initiatives.

  • Flexibility, diversity, aceptance of hange
    We think and act flexibly. We can not only identify challenges that lie in our path but we can also generate multiple solutions to address those challenges. We are aware of risks, we embrace positive change, we foster development within the organisation and encourage our partners to grow and develop.

  • Communicability
    We easily find an approach to each person, we interact with large numbers of people. We are open to communication and leave a positive impression. We proactively shape our environment and develop it.

  • Ambitions
    We think globally because we work not only to meet our business objectives, but also to sustain the livelihoods of millions of people. We care about our business interests as much as we care about the public interest.

  • Commitment to growth
    We see our strengths and weaknesses and we are developing ourselves. We see areas of improvement in others and encourage them to grow and develop.