• 2018

    Ukrlandfarming recognized as the Best Employer of the Year of media "Power of Money", "Focus" and "BUSINESS"

    Ukrlandfarming actively works with the media and reached leading positions in the ranking of the most mentioned agro companies in the information space of Ukraine

    Avis factory, which is the part of Avangardco holding, received official permission to export class A table eggs to the European Union

    Ukrlandfarming continues negotiations with the National Bank of Ukraine, the Fund for the Guaranteeing of Individual Deposits Regarding Restructuring of Obligations for 10 Years, until 2028

  • 2017/2016

    Avangardco IPL succeeds in restructuring its Eurobond.

    Avangardco IPL continues its Eurobond restructuring, the Deutsche Bank/Sberbank syndicated facility gets restructured.

  • amid a worsening macroeconomic situation in the country aggravated by the loss of land and significant assets in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, Ukrlandfarming embarks on project to streamline its business. The group optimises its operations and financial activities, as well as its personnel. As a result of the exercise, the company’s total headcount was reduced from 37 thousand (as of 2014) to 31 thousand (as of 2017).

  • 2015

    Avangardco IPL succeeds in restructuring its Eurobond.

  • 2014

    Cargill purchases a 5% interest in Ukrlandfarming PLC

  • 2013

    Inaugural placement of USD 500 million in Eurobonds by Ukrlandfarming by the Irish Stock Exchange

  • 2011 2012

    • Ukrlandfarming Group acquired:
      • Agro-Alpha (crop production, dairy farming),
      • Avangard (egg production and processing) ,
      • Olimpeks, Agro-Resource, Zoria, Chernyshevske, and Makon (expansion of land resources and storage capacities).
    • Trading department established to expand export operations
  • 2010

    Ukrlandfarming Group acquired:

    • Robusta (crop production),
    • Dakor (crop production, sugar production, livestock farming),
    • Rise (crop production, sugar production, livestock farming, seeds, storage services; dealing in agricultural equipment, fertilizers and crop protection agents),
    • Ukrmiaso (beef and leather production).
  • 2010

    Avangardco IPL listed using global depositary receipts on the London Stock Exchange (ticker: AVGR).

  • 2008

    UKRLANDFARMING PLC incorporated in Cyprus as a public limited company.

  • 2007

    Ukrlandfarming Group established (production of crops and livestock farming).