Values and Responsibility

The vast experience we’ve gained since inception has enabled us to determine the values that are important to us and our fair share of responsibility for the sector as one of its leaders. Our values form the basis of trust by our clients, shareholders, partners, employees and communities. We appreciate the value of abiding by principles that help us bond with our partners.
Our values and rules of conduct are the product of years of business experience. Our values are faithfully adhered to by our employees when making decisions, they cement our culture within the organisation and shape our relations with the outside world on the basis of trust:

  • We abide by the law. This is a fundamental principle that we strictly observe in all our activities and areas of operation.
  • We act with integrity. We compete ethically. We neither offer nor accept bribes or any other inappropriate gratuity. We respect the laws and rules of competition.  
  • We honour our commitments. We want to trust and be trusted. We take on commitments and honour them.
  • We respect people their uniqueness and aspirations. Employees are our most valuable assets. We take good care of them, providing them with a strong sense of job security, professional development opportunities and competitive compensation.
  • We are professionals. Everything we do, we do it with dedication. We are committed to developing our professional skills as we implement modern technologies and knowledge. This helps us achieve outstanding performance outcomes as a business that cares about people’s well-being.
  • We conduct socially responsible business. We farm a large portfolio of cropland and supply food to markets all over the world. We are conscious of our impact on the environment, we support our local communities and disseminate knowledge.