As a vertically integrated holding company, we are interested in making the best possible use of our investment in farmland. We create jobs on our cattle farms all over Ukraine. We rear beef and dairy cattle in 6 out of our 11 clusters. We operate 125 cattle farms including 8 breeders and 2 fattening complexes.

Dairy herd by breed:
  1. Black US-bred Holstein
  2. Ukrainian Black improved through cross-breeding with US-bred Holstein  
  3. Ukrainian Brown improved through cross-breeding with a Swedish breed
  4. Ukrainian Red  

Beef herd by breed:
  1. Ukrainian beef breed improved through cross-breeding with French-bred Charolais
  2. Aberdeen-Angus

We apply a Canadian technology for farming beef cattle, we ranch our animals free-range all year long. We feed them with quality feedstuffs that we produce ourselves: silage and corn, perennial herbs, alpha-alpha, forage grain, corn waste with protein meal (soymeal).  

We are developing pig farming as a promising business segment.   
Pig farming is a promising area of livestock farming, there is strong demand for pork in the market. We intend to help Ukraine overcome the existing deficit in the pork market caused by the substantial reduction in the national pork population of the past several years. We have decided to apply our successful experience in cattle farming to pig farming. We purchase US-reared breeder boars from Choice Genetics and breeder sows from the Danish company Dan Bred. These two breeds are world leaders in genetic potential with the highest weight gain performance. The company has implemented an innovative system for pig population accounting and management by Cloudfarms (Denmark).