Information technologies

We work to maintain the highest product quality while taking good care of the environment, humans and animals. We practise precision farming to optimise fertiliser and crop protection product application. We have combined off-the-shelf and vendor systems with in-house-developed applications and interfaces to create a unique and tightly integrated ITC environment, arguably best in the industry globally.

Cisco videoconferencing - we communicate with colleagues from all 22 regions of our operation in Ukraine using video. The system has 350 users, up to 40 participants can take part in a conference at a time.  
Telemetric data collection and analysis system collects and analyses data from all our machinery (TETRA), it is a system developed in-house.
  • ‘friend or foe’ controls the entire process of harvesting grain and transporting it from field to elevator
  • daily reporting of farming jobs executed enables us to make decisions in an efficient and timely manner   
  • control of fuel consumption between refills
Satellite monitoring technology NDVI and drones to monitor vegetation and crop development helps dynamically responds to various situations in the field.

Single reference system based on 'Master Data Management' provides all our employees with instant access to data.  

Planning and budgeting system, TEP enables us to run operations at all levels of our vertically integrated business.  

Information system based on ‘IN-AGRO: AGRIHOLDING MANAGEMENT’ integrates all Group companies and enables us to make informed business decisions.    

Centralised treasury automates all treasury operations, controls payments and enables us to plan financial flows.