We care about our crops

Grain is a key ingredient is so many food products. We give our love and care to each ear of corn and each grain of wheat that we grow in our fields. Crop rotation, tillage, crop protection and fertilisation, grain harvesting and cleaning are the many facets of our care.
We comply with Ukraine’s environmental protection and occupational safety laws, as well as internal policies and procedures to create the best conditions for growing grain and a comfortable working environment for our employees.

Crop protection and use of fertilisers  

Grain farming strongly depends on natural factors. Soils have varying fertility rates, an important fact to remember when applying fertiliser. When developing our plant nutrition strategies, we apply the following criteria:

  1. We only use fertilisers that have successfully passed registration trials
  2. We test fertilisers ourselves for performance  
  3. We conduct an environmental impact assessment for pesticide application regimens 
  4. We apply safe dosages of chemicals as per standard
  5. We abide by stringent rules of fertiliser transportation, storage and disposal
  6. We reduce the frequency of treatment with each given pesticide by alternating its application with another pesticide from a different chemical group.
  7. We combine various methods of crop protection (organisational, mechanical, physical, agrotechnical and biochemical).  

This reasonable approach to chemical crop protection enables us to dramatically reduce the negative impact from pesticides on the environment, humans and friendly insects. We are proud that on the land we farm pollution and emissions have been successfully brought to a minimum.
We also use manure generated by our livestock operations (cattle and pigs) as organic fertiliser.