Operational information of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food: fieldwork status as of 10.12.2014

News list

I. Harvest status of agricultural crops

Grain and leguminous crops have been trashed on an area of — 14.6 million hectares (99%), yielding 43.8 c/ha (in 2013 — 40.9 c/ha) or 64.1 million tons of grain has been collected in total, including: corn — 27.5 million tons.

The highest grain yields were recorded in Khmelnitsky area — 64.2 c/ha, Vinnitsa — 61.5 c/ha, Sumy — 60.4 c/ha Kiev — 59.8 c/ha, and Cherkassy — 58.2 c/ ha.

Sugar beet was collected on an area of 331 thousand hectares (99% of the forecast), harvest amounts to 15.5 million tons, while yield is 468 c/ha. Currently, there are 15 sugar plants working (in 2013 — 15). Since production began, 13.65 million tons of sugar beet has been processed and 1925.0 thousand tons of sugar produced (in 2013 — 1105.6 thousand tons).

II. Sowing process of winter crops

As of 04.12.2014, inspection of seeded winter crops shows that new shoots were obtained on an area of 7.2 million hectares (95% of seeded), 5.9 million hectares (82%) of which are in good and acceptable condition, 1.3 million hectares (18%) — weak and thinned. 5% (410 thousand hectares) of crops planted, according to experts, did not form any shoots. Most of such areas are in Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kirovograd and Luhansk regions.

Further crop condition will depend on weather conditions; primarily on precipitation level and temperatures.

III. Fertilizers

As of 05.12.2014, according to regional operational data (excluding Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk regions) there are 654.5 thousand tons of fertilizers purchased, or 97% of forecast.


Since June 1 of the current year, selling prices for ammonium nitrate produced by main domestic chemical firms grew from 3500 to 5900UAH per 1 ton of physical weight or by 41%; namely, during this past year the price increased by 1000UAH per ton. Analysts of fertilizers market forecast even further growth.