Prices for agricultural products in Ukraine

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The market traders called feed corn prices high demand for grain within the 4200-4600 UAH/t EXW, processors - at the level of 3950-4300 UAH/t EXW to 4400 UAH/t CPT-enterprise. In the ports of purchase, prices rose and declared in the range of 4600-4800 UAH/t on FOB average price of spot contracts remained $ 183.

The market second class wheat prices traders demand basis ex-elevator strengthened to 4250-4600 UAH/t EXW, 3 class - 4200-4550 UAH/t EXW, under the terms of delivery to processors increased to a level - 4250-4450 UAH/t and 4200-4350 UAH/t respectively. In the ports of demand for grain prices grades 2-3 consolidated to 4450-4700 UAH/t, the bid price of wheat grades 2-3 on FOB voiced in the range of $ 171-182.

The market average price of feed barley internal operations has not changed and amounted to 3750 UAH/t EXW, delivery to the processors - has increased to 3800 UAH/t. They demand the ports remained at the level of 3800-4100 UAH/t on FOB single grain supply has not changed in price and called for $ 168.

The market prices of soybean in Ukraine demand for beans grown significantly and amounted 9700-10100 UAH/t EXW and 9750-10150 UAH/t CPT-enterprise. In the ports demand prices were in the range of 9800-10200 UAH/t, FOB supply of oil rose and voiced in the range of $ 375-390.

Prices purchases of sunflower seeds last week voiced processors in the range of 9800-10950 UAH/t EXW somewhat above 10700-11100 CPT-enterprise. Export prices on oil increased to $ 410-425 FOB.

The market prices of rapeseed in Ukraine demand in the ports have not changed and remained at 9600-10000 UAH/t. On the FOB price offers new crop of oil for delivery in July and August were $ 400-410.