By 2023, Ukraine will be the fourth largest corn exporter in the world

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In the coming years, Ukraine will be in a top five leading exporters of forage crops. Such announcement was made by Mr. Dmytro Prykhodko, the economist of Investment Center at FAO, while his interview with «APK-Inform».

«By 2023, it is expected that, Ukraine will be the fourth largest corn exporter in the world after the US, Brazil and Argentina. At the same time, Ukrainian share in global exports will be approximately 12% », — Mr. Prykhodko explained.

As far corn importers and corn market, Ukrainian exporters should pay close attention to such importer as China, the expert believes.

In particular, he said, it is expected that import of forage crops in the PRC will double.

«Of course, Ukraine will also have market for its corn in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, as well as countries in North Africa. These markets have already become traditional for Ukraine» ", — said Mr. Prykhodko.