Avangardco IPL Reports Substantial Loss of Assets to Russian Aggression

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Avangardco IPL, one of Ukraine's leading producers of chicken eggs, reports significant losses in production capacity as a result of the Russian aggression. A number of key egg farms were shut down and destroyed, the birds were left without feed and condemned to death, as financial losses reach UAH 1.5 billion.

In particular, Europe's largest egg conglomerate Chornobayivska in Kherson Region has lost  the ability to feed the birds, transport workers to the farm  and ship finished products to customers due to military action by the Russian Federation, which threatens to kill the birds and cause an environmental disaster. The egg farm has been completely cut off from power supply and production has been suspended. Some of the finished products and laying hens were given away to the local population amid the heavy shelling, but most of the flock were slaughtered as it was impossible to continue feeding them. Nearly 3 million hens will perish without the ability to dispose of them in an environmentally sustainable manner. In the near future, other key enterprises of the company - namely the egg farm in the village of Makariv and the egg farm at Brovary in Kyiv region - may also find themselves in a similar situation. The loss of those facilities alone would amount to 1 million hens lost. 

The total financial losses of the company  as a result of the Russian aggression are currently estimated at approximately UAH 1.5 billion. In addition, the shutdown of key production facilities may result in a shortage of chicken eggs in Ukraine. The impossibility to dispose of millions of dead birds in an environmentally sustainable manner poses a threat of environmental disaster. Individual farms of the Avangardco Group  are unable to meet those challenges on their own  or provide for their employees without help from the state, for obvious reasons. 
Even under such tough circumstances, however,  Avangard is helping the population and the Ukrainian armed forces. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, Avangard has donated hundreds of thousands of eggs of its own production free of charge to defenders of Ukraine. The company’s also donating fuel and other resources, including vans as Avangard employees defend their homeland as members of  the Ukrainian armed forces.