Since the beginning of 2014/15 MY Ukraine exported over 9.4 million tons of wheat. The Ministry of Agriculture is concerned with high rates of export of food grains

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Since the beginning of 2014/15 MY (July-June), as of March 11th, export of grain from Ukraine amounted to 25 391 thousand tons (on January 30 – 21 543 thousand tons, February 27 – 24 308 thousand tons, March 5- 24 832 thousand tons).

In particular, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, there was 9 414 thousand tons of wheat, 3 872 thousand tons of barley, 11 847 thousand tons of corn and 258 thousand tons of other grains delivered abroad.

In addition, another 269 thousand tons of grains are loaded on cargos in ports. Thus, total volume of already exported and prepared for export crops reached 25 660 thousand tons, including: wheat — 9 474 thousand tons, barley — 3 872 thousand tons, corn — 12 056 thousand tons.

This week it became public that the Ministry of Agriculture warned exporters about high rates of export of wheat. That is, during the first five days of March there was 89 thousand tons of grain for food delivered aboard; taking that according to the memorandum signed, entire export volume of the milling wheat in March must not exceed 150 thousand tons.

However, the agreement among the department of agriculture and grain traders on wheat export limits, in general, is obeyed. Thus, in the first quarter of 2015, the predetermined export volume is 900 thousand tons. In January, according to the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine, Ukraine exported less than the volume agreed upon — only 261 thousand tons of grain instead of 300 thousand tons; yet, in February exporters caught up and sent abroad 490 instead of 450 thousand tons.