As of April 1, Ukraine produced over 2 million tons of milk- the Ministry of Economic Development

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According to the balances of the interdepartmental working group under the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine that were published on MEDT website on April 22, in I quarter of 2015 Ukraine produced 2.004 million tons of milk. Projected production for 2015 is 11.34 million tons.

According to the balance, export volume of milk for 2015 is projected at 300 thousand tons; another 240 thousand tons to be supplied to the FEZ “Crimea”. In the current year, between January and February, there were 69 thousand tons of the given product delivered onto foreign markets, and 47 thousand tons to Crimea.

In addition, during 2015, milk import volume into Ukraine is projected to be 200 thousand tons (there were 20 thousand tons already imported during January-March of this year).

Thus, the supply of milk in 2015 will amount to 11.540 million tons, including 11.34 million tons on the domestic market.