Appeal of the shareholder of the group of companies "Ukrlandfarming" Oleg Bakhmatyuk to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova

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Dear Ms. Venediktova!

I appeal to you in the hope and confidence that with your assumption of the post of Prosecutor General in such a difficult time of the pandemic and the global economic crisis, the Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine begins to work for Ukraine, and not to engage in some incomprehensible activities that harm the state interests. I am addressing you on behalf of a large team, a large company that is an important element of the country's economy. A company that employs 27,000 people, produces 1% of Ukraine's GDP and has paid UAH 7.7 billion in taxes over the past 3 years. After all, at a time when the whole world is suffering from huge economic losses, the most important issues for Ukraine are the preservation of jobs, the production of gross output, and the preservation of the economic power of the state. 

It is no secret that we have a conflict with the head of NABU Artem Sytnik, who through his own ambitions out of a desire for personal revenge actually destroys my company. We appealed to all the authorities in the hope of being heard, we appealed to your predecessor, but in return, we received only illegal orders from Vitaly Kasko, who initiated cases against us, contrary to all the norms of current legislation. These cases terrorize the company contrary to common sense, contrary to logic - because I am the only one of the owners of the liquidated banks offered to pay the debt to the state using the mechanism of restructuring. A payment that is much larger than the amounts that are appealed in illegally initiated cases.

Obviously, the logic of state bodies, including law enforcement agencies, should be to respect the interests of the state and preserve its economic power. Unfortunately, not all officials are aware of this, including those who held the position of attorney General before your arrival. But now that there have been positive changes in the leadership of the investigative bodies for the country, I am asking you to intervene in a situation where the Director of NABU has a direct conflict of interests in the initiated cases, is engaged in elementary revenge and tries to destroy the company by involving 30% of the NABU staff, paralyzing the work of an important anti-corruption body through his own interests. 

I will remind you that the main witness in the case of Artem Sytnik committing corrupt acts was an adviser to my sister, who is also being pursued by the Director of the NABU in open cases. We have nothing to do with the fact that Sytnik is a corrupt official - no one forced him to drink and walk at someone else's expense and hide it. The cases against us were opened after these events, which the courts of all instances classified as corruption - that is, we can not be accused of any pressure on Sytnik, there is no logic and no sense in this. And now Sytnik together with his retinue, the so-called “anticorruption millionaires”, such as Vitaly Shabunin, are trying to discredit me and my company, creating an imitation of the fight against corruption by fighting me. And this is happening instead of investigating real corruption because Ukrainian society has not seen any success in this. 

I am addressing you as a person known for his integrity, common sense and high professional skills. We are a Ukrainian company. We are part of the economy. We ask you to intervene and not help Bakhmatyuk - to help the state return 8 billion UAH. To help the government to obtain billions of dollars in taxes. Help the state not to lose many thousands of jobs during this difficult period for the economy.  Mr. Sytnik and people close to him do not create anything, instead of problems and imitating their solutions. And in these difficult times, the importance of people who can, want and are able to do something for Ukraine is obvious. We do not ask for preferences - we ask for justice and protection of state interests.

Scenarios of liquidation of such companies, as the practice of the Deposit guarantee Fund shows, usually bring to the budget about 1 % of the value of assets - and this is about 30 times less than what I, as the owner of the company, offer to the state. I believe in your impartiality and integrity, I ask you to intervene in the situation and stop the illegal prosecution, unfounded accusations, and idle labeling by the Director of NABU. We ask for fair justice instead of injustice.


                                                                                                                                                   Oleg Bakhmatyuk.