Procurement Policy

The Ukrlandfarming PLC sourcing policy is implemented in the interests of the company’s business performance and promotion of its competitive advantages, namely the control of production costs, productivity growth and the high quality of its products.

The goal of the sourcing policy is to purchase products and services provided using the most advanced technologies and modern materials, balancing price, quality while minimizing risks in the most beneficial manner for the Group.

For this purpose, Ukrlandfarming PLC endeavors to ensure an adequate level of competition among the bidders, transparency, and just and equal treatment to all suppliers during the sourcing procedures.

The sourcing policy of Ukrlandfarming PLC is based on the following principles:

  • Competitiveness: the procurements must be held on a competitive basis by comparing the bids of potential suppliers
  • Openness: all bidders must be granted equal rights
  • Efficiency: the goods and products must be of proper quality and provide the maximum economic benefit to the Group
  • Responsibility: the Group pledges to honor its supplier contracts
  • Confidentiality: access by third parties to confidential information must be restricted

The Group seeks trade credit from suppliers where possible. At the same time, Ukrlandfarming PLC guarantees timely payments to all its counterparties.