Production control & logistics

The Group uses the most advanced automated production control and monitoring systems, significantly increasing its business efficiency and environmental safety.

Systems Effect
Electronic field diagrams
  • Detailed analysis of the conditions influencing the growth of crops on specific fields
  • Field data received in real time
Automatic driving systems
  • Saving up to 20% of consumables
  • 13-20% productivity increase
Geopositioning and fuel management systems
  • Saving of fuel and other resources
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
Material control systems
  • Lower losses of seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products
  • Able to analyze the sowing accuracy and crop yield after the harvest
Crop yield monitoring system
  • Real time calculation of crop yield
  • Lower costs due to adjustment for potential yield variances
Agricultural equipment management system
  • Lower use of sowing materials and fertilizers
  • Higher operator productivity
Vehicle monitoring and control system
  • Ensuring completion of cultivation procedures
  • Supervision of vehicle idle time and efficient operation