Ukrlandfarming PLC is the leading supplier of mineral and special fertilizers to Ukrainian agricultural producers.

The Group offers a wide range of mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and compound fertilizers supplied by foreign and domestic producers, including the Belarus Potassium Company, OSTCНЕМ, Eurochem and PhosAgro.

About 70% of the fertilizers are shipped by the Group to clients from its own storage facilities, with the other 30% shipped to major customers on special order directly from the manufacturer.

Mineral Fertilizers

All certified storage facilities of the Group have a continuous stock of a wide range of nitrogen, potassium, compound and liquid mineral fertilizers (carbamide-ammonia compounds, CAC). Three production facilities (Lubny, Radyvyliv and Viktorivka) produce fertilizer mixtures at customer request, with a production capacity of over 100,000 tons per year and a simultaneous storage capacity of up to 10,000,000 tons of CAC-32 mixtures.

Special Fertilizers

The Ukrlandfarming Group has exclusive rights for the distribution of special fertilizers (micronutrient fertilizers) produced by Biolchim and Holland Farming, the leading European producers, and supplies special fertilizers of all classification groups.