Livestock farming

The total cattle stock is 66.3 thousand head, including 23.2 thousand dairy cows. The cattle farming activities are primarily focused on milk production, and, to a somewhat lesser extent, on beef production. In 2012, the Group produced 93.2 thousand tons of raw milk (resulting in a market share of 3.7%) and 18.9 tons of beef (market share 15.7%).

The group owns 125 livestock farms, including:

  • 8 breeding centers,
  • 2 fattening facilities

The livestock farming companies of the Group adhere to a specially developed strict animal health control policy. The policy includes compliance with a vaccination plan and keeping a history of immunizations, the regular disinfection of farms and continuous veterinary supervision and inspections.

Milk Sales

Modern refrigeration systems allow the Group to provide its customers with year-round supplies of high-quality raw milk. The milk is sold directly to 24 dairies, including those belonging to Danone, Bel and Almira Group.