ULF demands NABU chairman to publicly apologize to 27 thousand company's employees for lies Statement by Ukrlandfarming and Avangard Group of companies' CEO Oleg Bakhmatyuk

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Mr. Sytnik, in his speech to the Verkhovna Rada deputies, in a ridiculous attempt of excuses passing off as the law enforcement agency's head report, called with no evidence, without a court decision among the reasons of his retirement, the case that he has unreasonably pursued our company for more than four years. But Mr. Sytnyk has forgot to say one thing: in a collusion of which he was a party, the proceeding was opened by the former Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko contrary to the norms of the law, which he was to defend. I am sure he will certainly bear responsibility for this, as well as Mr. Sytnik himself.

Let me remind you that this situation is unique in its absurdity - we want to constructively resolve the issue of paying off debt to the state, we propose paying UAH 8 billion through restructuring mechanisms. But we are being obstructed in it. We offer money to the budget - they are trying to destroy us and sell the company's wrecks at a penny value, as the Deposit Guarantee Fund has been doing for years. Hiding behind state interests, the NABU, being one of the largest budget funds recipients among law enforcement agencies and hiding behind fabricated cases, is destroying one of the largest taxpayers. Mr. Sytnik and his henchmen are the greatest state vermin - and besides, the country spends huge sums of money on them.

In his speech Mr. Sytnik claimed the people who had protested against the NABU director's arbitrariness at the Verkhovna Rada, had been "paid". But those are our agricultural holding employees, and they had took to the streets to protest for the third time. Those are labor people who, in difficult economic conditions, had come out with demands to keep their jobs. The jobs in the company, which over the past three years has paid UAH 7.7 billion in taxes. All these gentlemen, the Sytniks, Ryaboshapkas, Kaskos are budget consumers producing nothing in return, bringing no benefits to the state. And vermin like this dares to publicly insult people who honestly work and openly defend their rights.

I am addressing Mr. Sytnik. I call you to apologize publicly to the 27 thousand company's employees, 27 thousand families you have publicly humiliated and unfairly offended. Repent and stop destroying the company based on your personal revenge, stop calling those guilty ones without trial. 40 NABU detectives - a third of those in the Bureau! - are now compelled to be engaged in your revenge. Are you blaming me for your resignation? I would be proud to relate to the resignation of a person harming the State. Meanwhile, only you are to blame on it: due to your greed, corruption and the harm you are bringing to Ukraine.

Together with the company employees, I once again appeal to Mr. President: fire the corrupt official destroying an enterprise that large and important for the Ukrainian economy. Dismiss Mr. Sytnik, preventing our state of guaranteedly receiving UAH 8 billion. The worst thing of all would be your finding the people like him being awkward and harmful for the country when our company is rouined. These people have brought no good to Ukraine. But we are eager to bring the state UAH 8 billion, we want to go on paying multi-billion taxes, we wish to save our jobs and create new ones. We ask you to hear us. We are always ready for a constructive dialogue for the national interest's sake.

                                                                                 CEO Group of Companies "Ukrlandfarming" Oleg Bakhmatyuk