As of February 1, in Ukraine stock of grain is 14% higher than last year

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As of February 1, 2015, there are 22.3 million tons of grain on Ukrainian agricultural enterprises (except small ones), storage and crop processing enterprises (14% more than on February 1, 2014.), including 6.9 million tons of wheat, 1.7 million tons of barley, 12.7 million tons of corn, 0.2 million tons of rye.

Agricultural enterprises were holding 12.3 million tons of grain (16% more), including 3.8 million tons of wheat, 1.2 million tons of barley, 6.6 million tons of corn, 0.1 million tons of rye. According to Grain Ukraine, grain processing and storage facilities had 10.0 million tons of grain in stock (11% more) including, grain storage facilities — 7.7 million tons (16% higher).

Stocks of sunflower seeds amounted to 4.2 million tons (24.5% less than on February 1, 2014). 2.4 million tons (7% less) were preserved directly on agricultural enterprises (except of small ones), processing and storage companies had 1.8 million tons (40% less than last year ).